I specialize in helping you to overcome negative thought patterns, process emotions, appreciate who you are, and chase after that which you love.

Hello, I am Andrea Bye

I am married and am a Mother to two sons. I am a lover of life, of adventure, of people and their stories.  As a life coach, I do not hold the answers but am gifted at walking with others as they find them for themselves.  I do this with great compassion, boldness, energy and expansive possibility; enabling people to remember who they are, what they miss and want more of, and what isn’t working which needs refining.  My hope is to enable people to become aware of themselves, of their bodies, emotions, and thought patterns, to become better equipped to overcome the negative forces which hold us small and to instead empower people to become their greatest, truest most powerful and genuine selves.

I hold a BA majoring in Counselling, and am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through The Co-Active Training Institute, and a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. I have nearly 10 years of coaching experience and am based in Calgary, AB, Canada.