“When I booked the Creating a Life Plan sessions with Andrea Bye, I didn’t know what to expect. I was feeling quite stuck, anxious and burnt out in my career and wasn’t certain what I wanted to do for the next chapter of my life. In a very short month and a half of working with Andrea, I had found the confidence to leave my job (something I had already wanted to do but was holding myself back on), and through sharing what I learned from Andrea with my husband, he and I both decided to sell our home and move across the country to Halifax to start a new life.  I also determined after 22-years in an unfulfilling career, that I am ready to start my own business once our move is complete.  It was a life my husband and I had always talked about but it always felt like a far away dream that would never come to fruition.  I learned through working with Andrea  that I was bound by my own mental constraints and that anyone can change their life at any time.  Thank you Andrea for all you have done and continue to do.”   

— Angela Gorman 

“I didn’t really even know what life coaching was all about when I started with Andrea in 2012. I will say that my coaching dates with Andrea have truly transformed my life. We’ve worked together on all aspects of my life and she has helped me identify and work through my mental blocks and mindset that keeps holding me back from living my purpose. My life is better since I’ve had a life coach, someone I trust and confide in and who genuinely is one of my biggest cheerleaders.  My success is her success.  Since working with Andrea my relationships have become stronger, my business has flourished and I recently published my first book! Having a life coach is so important and I tell everyone this all the time. I always am raving about how vital it is to have a life coach on your own personal success team for life. Andrea is that person for me.”

— Lisa Elle

“A year ago I had no idea what life coaching was. What I did know was that something needed to change. Looking back, I am incredibly grateful that I decided to give it a try. Andrea helped me to identify where I was, what I valued and where I desired to be. She then assisted me in learning to accept the things I cannot control, set boundaries in relationships, and have fun in the midst of life circumstances. When life changed course, as it often does, Andrea was just a phone call or email away. Most sessions included laughter and tears and a new perspective at the end. As a result of life coaching, I am now enjoying life, accepting situations as they come and walking into my dream job with confidence!

Andrea truly has a passion and gift for helping people achieve their full potential! She provides a safe and comfortable environment to ask and answer the tough questions that will ultimately change your life. Andrea will walk beside you, encouraging and challenging you, while holding you accountable to the goals that you create and celebrating the successes that you achieve. She patiently allows you to make changes when you are ready and offers clarity in confusing situations.  Andrea is thoughtful, caring and insightful which makes her an amazing life coach!”

— Meagan

“Andrea is a warm, compassionate, loving individual that has so much to give to people who need guidance in their lives.  Andrea has helped me through some of my toughest times with her positive energy, willingness to listen, and her honest and logical perspective.  I personally feel every person at one time or another needs guidance. Andrea is an amazing life coach who has a lot to offer.”

— Marissa

“There are many times in life when everything seems overwhelming and the mind is so clouded that making decisions and navigating next steps seems incredibly hard. This is when I have met with Andrea. I would often meet with her knowing that I needed to talk, but not even knowing what I needed to talk about. She knows that I already have the answer somewhere in my head,and has a great way of drawing it out of me. She is a great listener and good at guiding the conversation.”

— Rowena