Life Coaching

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Do you desire something different?  Are you entering into something new?  Do you find yourself stuck, unable to move ahead?

Each of us is on a journey. At times this may be an arduous, steady uphill climb, at other times a dance through the fields, or a frolic in a freshwater lake. Sometimes we find ourselves meandering with little sense of grounding. Wherever you find yourself in your journey, I offer a place for you to land, process, regroup, and make sense of that which may seem beyond reach. My desire is for you to be empowered and encouraged in your journey, that you may become your best, and bring your uniqueness to a world that is altered by your presence in it.

As a life coach I offer a safe place for your story to be heard; for clarity to be unearthed, for new choices to be made, for obstacles to be overcome, for victories to be celebrated.  As a coach, I will encourage, challenge, give permission, ask questions, and hold you accountable to the life you desire to live.

As a first step in coaching I recommend a two-session Discovery Package, where we will

  • explore who you are and what you desire
  • develop several specific, simple changes which will move you toward a life you love.

Beyond that, I offer several Life Coaching Pathways, intended to to move you beyond where you are right now toward where you long to be.  Each pathway is tailored to get to the heart of the problem you are facing right now, and move your way through to a more helpful, empowering and invigorating way of being.

Life Purpose Pathway

  • identify your core values, strengths, passions, and desires
  • create a life purpose statement and tailored strategies to live out your life purpose

Internal Dialogue Pathway

  • identify several of your inner adversaries and associates
  • create a clear formula for shifting your internal dialogue to thoughts which better serve you

Career Coaching Pathway

  • clarify your career goals, identify specific skills, passions and strengths you possess, and look at career options which align with you
  • formulate direction, momentum and tasks to move you into a job you enjoy and which serves your needs

Coaching is available in person in Calgary, AB, online or over the phone.  If you are interested in booking a Coaching Pathway, or if you have any questions, please contact Andrea Bye Life Coaching at