Truth, Permission and Possibility

natalie-pedigo-wJK9eTiEZHY-unsplash (1)

It was born in one of those late night conversations.  I was ranting to my husband about something, I can’t remember what it was.  I know I was stressed about something, and I was doubting myself. In an unexpected clarifying moment, truth arrived with a profound punch, right to the gut, and brought tears to my eyes.  This truth arrived in simple words, with spacious permission and hope for what was possible. Those words were born in a deep part of me, and when brought out into the open through speaking them out loud, something fresh and new was released in me.  “I can do more that I think I can, but I don’t always have to”. Bam! Simple, profound. Seeing the words on the page now, I can see that those words could get lost on someone, yet they altered me. Here’s how…

First, the truth.  My mind possesses a great many thoughts throughout the day, and a great deal of these I am realizing do not speak very well of me, my character, strengths and possibilities.  So to speak out loud that I can do more than I think I can is like taking those subtle yet powerful voices and crushing them beneath my heel, while standing tall, like a giant with small foes squashed between my toes.  I feel empowered.

Second, spacious permission.  As I stand tall with victory over my internal foes, I am also granted permission to do what I want to, not what I feel I must.  There are a great many ways I could spend my time; causes I could give myself to, a great many conversations I could choose to enter into, but I do not have to enter them alone.  I exist in a community, my family being the closest to me. I can ask for help. I can also choose not to invest myself and I don’t even need an excuse/reason not to.  I am one person, a giant yes, but one giant, surrounded by other giants. Though that permission is sometimes overwhelming in the expanses which it opens up before me, it is also comforting in not having to feel obliged.

Third, hope for what’s possible.  I can do more than I think I can means that immense possibilities lie in waiting for me.  But I don’t always have to implies that I get to be choosy. Those two truths awaken hope in me about what is possible.  Really, anything is possible. I could keep walking the path I’ve chosen, I could explore a new one. I could just stop and take in all that’s around me.  There is no rush, there is no need to figure it out in this moment, I just get to take it one day at a time, enjoying the journey along the way.

“I can do more that I think I can, but I don’t always have to” is my mantra for navigating life these days.  It arose in the quiet of the night from a place deep within me, it bears truth, possibility and hope, and in time I hope it will replace all the inner voices which condescend, squander, and rob me of joy, contentment, and presence.  As I align myself with this new message, I believe I will live my daily life in ways which honor me, my family, my beliefs, my community, and people within my sphere of influence.

What truth do you long to hear right now?

What permission would you like to give to yourself?

What possibilites open up for you with this truth and permission?

Form these reflections into a statement that you can carry with you and remind yourself of throughout the day. Notice what opens up within you with these simple and profound truths.

Photo Credit: Natalie Pedigo

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